Each year, hundreds of successful brands and retailers rely on Glogg Media’s Consulting and Managed Services to provide strategic guidance, technical know-how and the expert training you need to succeed.

From managing your global marketplaces strategy to paid search and social advertising or product data feeds, we handle it all.

No matter the level of guidance you require, we have a service offering to suit your needs.


Marketing Services

The Glogg Media team provides end-to-end services designed to help marketers use their data, make the most of their technologies, and gain the knowledge they need to not only compete, but ultimately innovate.

Our teams can walk you through decisions like how to architect your internal trading desk, troubleshoot the minutiae of your campaigns, or provide full-service management of display, video, and search campaigns.

Amplify Your Facebook Brand Voice

Today there are an enormous 8.2 billion of social media users worldwide. The way social networks changed communication has made social media marketing indispensable for almost every business. We are here to do the heavy lifting for you by integrating advertising, page management, KOL marketing and word-of-mouth marketing (WOM) to empower your brand comprehensively, maximize social presence and boost up your leads.



Third Party Strategy and Execution

Our experienced team manages inventory health and shipment creation, in addition to providing a wide range of metrics reports covering sales, inventory, promotions, and more. We’re your partner in the "Amazon case management" queue, product listing maintenance and conflict resolution. As eCommerce and Amazon experts, we are here to help guide you and provide solutions to grow your online business.

Full-service Management

Full-service programmatic setup and optimization for clients who want hands-on support. A dedicated account team will manage your programmatic buys. Recommended for marketers with limited resources to manage campaigns in-house or organizations in process of hiring in-house teams.


Turn Your Goals Into Your Results

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